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NEW! EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar Guidance System

EZ-Guide 500

The world's first GPS lightbar with color display, mapping and steering capable of one-inch accuracy

The EZ-Guide® 500 represents the latest innovation in lightbar guidance systems with a large color screen – over 300% larger than the EZ-Guide Plus or any other lightbar on the market. The AgGPS®
EZ-Guide 500 features multiple accuracy options, and data logging function to record data and transfer via USB flash drive for generating printed maps and reports.

Precision dual-frequency L1/L2 GPS receiver allows users a variety of accuracy upgrades-based on crop and operation needs-without purchasing an external receiver:

accuracy icons

Most of today's lightbars can't be upgraded to higher accuracy without adding an external GPS receiver that may cost you several thousand dollars. But a typical EZ-Guide 500 high-performance package will cost you about 20-30% less than comparable solutions available today.

Color display on the EZ-Guide 500 system provides graphic quality currently available only in displays twice the size and price. It offers advanced but easy-to-use guidance patterns, as well as real-time "where-applied" mapping. The EZ-Guide 500 system also has a built-in lightbar with 31 guidance LEDs that are highly visible even in bright daylight.




The new EZ-Guide 500 system is designed to provide GPS positioning and graphic display for Trimble assisted steering, auto guidance and spray rate control solutions:

bulletThe AgGPS EZ-Steer® assisted steering system can be connected to the EZ-Guide 500 system in 30 minutes and can be used on hundreds of vehicle models.
bulletEZ-Guide 500 also drives the Trimble AgGPS Autopilot automated steering system, which offers +/-1 inch repeatable accuracy.
bulletThe EZ-Guide 500 is also compatible with the new Trimble AgGPS EZ-Boom™ 2010 automated boom switching & spray rate controller system.


Performance highlights:

bulletLarge 7-inch color display
bulletDual-frequency L1/L2 receiver allows a variety of accuracy upgrades without purchasing an external receiver
bulletTypical high-performance package built around the system will cost you about 20 to 30% less than comparable solutions from competitors
bulletDesigned to provide GPS positioning and graphic display for Trimble assisted steering, auto guidance and spray rate control solutions
bulletOffers advanced the easy-to-use guidance patterns, as well as real-time "where-applied" mapping.


JarvisField Test Report
Before any new Trimble product is released to the market, pre-release models undergo rugged, real-world testing and evaluation by growers worldwide. Here are initial reactions to AgGPS® EZ-Guide® 500 from professional agronomist Kelvin Jarvis, owner of Ag Soil Solutions in Neepawa, Manitoba.

Trimble: What impressed you most about the EZ-Guide 500 system?
Jarvis: The big color screen and having the buttons right on it. You can mount EZ-Guide 500 on the side window and punch away while you're going-you don't need a remote. The other thing I liked is that with accuracy upgrades, you can turn on the receiver option you need-WAAS, OmniSTAR, or even RTK.
Trimble: How will the EZ-Guide 500 system fit your local growers' operations?
Jarvis: I think the main benefit will be record keeping. Let's say you have it on your sprayer-it'll record what you did, where you did it. Traceability and proof of everything you applied to the crop is going to become very important. That really scares some farmers, but EZ-Guide 500 will do it for them as they're going through the field.
Trimble: Anything else growers will like?
Jarvis: The as-applied coverage mapping. Some of this country is very pot-holey, slewy land. They'll be able to easily look at the map and say, " Did I miss a spot? Did I do that corner?" Also, I think they'll like the elevation side of it. As they're going across the field, they can save the elevations to make contour maps.
Trimble: Any surprises?
Jarvis: The USB-I was happy when I saw that. That just makes sense and it's easy. Whether you're uploading or downloading from your computer you can just have that information on a memory stick for easy transfer for map or report creating.




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